Bookings & Treatments


To accommodate social distancing in the workplace, we’re only able to take bookings online 

Visits will be by appointment only


No one else can attend your appointment with you, you must turn up alone - No children, guests, etc.

For now, please bring a water bottle. We aren't able to offer refreshments or a waiting area. 

No group bookings at this time.

Arrival & Timings


Please arrive on time (not early) for your appointment 

Do not attend an appointment if you or anyone in your household/bubble has been unwell in the last 2 weeks

Please let us know if you can’t make your appointment. Our cancellation policy may apply

Once your treatment is over please leave promptly to allow us time to clean & sanitise between guests 

PPE & Hygiene


Our team will be wearing masks, visors & other PPE

Please wear a mask to & during your appointment. 

Please sanitise your hands frequently 

We kindly ask you to shower before arriving (e.g. arriving having just exercised) 

You will expect to see us washing our hands & sanitising between every guest & more...

Personal Care


Please keep personal belongings to a minimum

Phones must not be touched throughout your appointment

For body treatments please wear easy to remove clothing 

For pedicure treatments please come & leave wearing flip flops

Please remove all nail polish prior to your treatment. Your appointment may be shortened if we need to remove polish beforehand

For Your Information


Due to new ways of working our phone lines  won’t always be available

If you need us though don’t worry, we’re still on hand to help

For all queries, we recommend emailing

We thank you for your understanding

Our opening hours haven’t changed. Find them here



Serenity will continue to be cashless

To make things a little easier & safer for everyone, we’ll be asking you to make your payment before your treatment

We’ve committed to extending all vouchers to cover our closure


Paper vouchers will not be

accepted from

 1 November 2020

(previously June 2020)

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